Hello 👋, I am Lisa
Hello 👋, I am Dave, lisa's supplier

Uncover the hidden 85% of your emissions

  • Meet SBTI and CSRD requirements with ClimateCamp.
  • Manage your Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions with our solution.
  • Get visibility of often-neglected Scope 3 Value Chain emissions that can account for up to 85% of your total emissions.
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Why ClimateCamp

ClimateCamp is the most collaborative SaaS sustainability platform, connecting with your suppliers on real emissions, targets and reductions projects.  

green future.


Scope 3 is a business priority now

No business priority for you? Think again.  SBTI and CSRD require insights in scope 3 emissions. Check out the regulation and their requirements in our Blog Post.


Collaboration is for free

Sharing your emissions and target data through collaboration is for free. Our pricing is tailored to your needs; with a free trial option. Explore our pricing options here.


Integrates with your ESG solutions

Already have a Carbon Accounting platform? ClimateCamp integrates with SAP, Microsoft and Salesforce.  Here you can find all our Integrations.  Thanks to our investor Delaware, we have the skills to build custom integrations if required.


Up and running within 5 minutes

As a sustainability manager of procurement manager, you can easily sign-up and get up and running with minutes.  5 steps to get started


Suppliers want to collaborate

Are your suppliers interested in sharing this information? Absolutely! They are highly enthusiastic about collaborating and enhancing their partnership with you. Check out our interview with Boortmalt.

benchmarks will not help you

Benchmarks and industry-based factors won't reduce scope 3 emissions. They lack the collaboration with your suppliers for real insights, targets and reduction programs.

Yet to start with Scope 3?

It's time to face the facts: Your company is lacking insight into its emissions and only managing 15% of them, with no management of scope 3 emissions. The clock is ticking on compliance.


You still use benchmarks?

Benchmarks provide starting point for emissions reduction. Invite top emitting suppliers for insights and collaboration. Without them, reducing scope 3 emissions will be challenging.


You run a costly program?

High-cost supplier program is draining procurement's effort and resources with manual supplier engagement on Scope 3. Consider streamlining process to save time and effort.


ClimateCamp vs EcoVadis

ClimateCamp and Ecovadis offer two distinct approaches to managing supplier emissions. While Ecovadis relies heavily on qualitative survey data, this alone is insufficient for effectively reducing scope 3 emissions. A more comprehensive and data-driven solution like ClimateCamp is necessary for meaningful progress.


ClimateCamp vs Carbon Accounting apps

ClimateCamp and carbon accounting apps offer different perspectives on managing scope 3 emissions. Carbon accounting tools primarily rely on benchmark data and generic emission factors, while ClimateCamp takes a more comprehensive approach that includes supplier engagement and real-time monitoring.

Companies can't afford to neglect their Scope 3 emissions. Regulators start to require reporting, investors see Scope 3 as a risk and stakeholders expect action on Scope 3.


Engage hundreds of suppliers


Fast and accurate data collection

5 min

Start quickly and easily


Integrate with your favorite apps


We got you covered!

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Microsoft is partner of ClimateCamp

Meet Lisa and Dave

Lisa works as a sustainability manager at a large brewery. Her company has the ambition to map and reduce the CO2 emissions of the entire supply chain. To do this, she contacted her suppliers for more information, unfortunately without much success.

Dave is the supplier of raw materials to Lisa's brewery. He is bombarded with requests from various other customers too. He is frustrated to share his materials' carbon footprint over again.

of your CO2 emissions are in the supply chain.
According to the World Economic Forum, these are the so-called "Scope 3" emissions.
According to McKinsey
has no idea how to handle this
According to a McKinsey study, 70% of purchasing directors have no idea which suppliers are responsible for the largest emissions

This is how ClimateCamp helps your company, and your Sustainability, Procurement or Supply Chain Manager

Work Together
Set Goals
Share & Report


Explore how you can use ClimateCamp best

We have every step of your carbon footprint journey covered



set goals


we support


Food & Beverages


All Suppliers


A CO2 neutral bottle by working with all your suppliers

  • Exact calculation of your CO2 emissions
  • Save up to 70% on your energy consumption
  • Clearly track and report your progress
Food & Beverages

Be innovative now and work with investors, governments and customers towards a more sustainable future

  • Save money through a more sustainable supply chain
  • Import existing emissions into our database
  • Get a better overview and take targeted action

Calculate the carbon footprint of one or hundreds of products on one platform and save time and effort

  • Get a 360 overview of your carbon footprint
  • Our platform makes it easy for you to manage all your supplier data
  • Measure, reduce and increase your ecoscore
All Suppliers

Invite all your suppliers and work together to build the companies of tomorrow

  • Easily invite suppliers via one button
  • They in turn invite their suppliers
  • Working together for a sustainable economy

Get started in four steps





Calculate yourself or link your CO2 accounting

  • Calculate your own footprint
  • Are you already using an existing carbon accounting solution?   Thanks to our integrations with your own carbon accounting system
Discover our integrations


Invite your suppliers

  • You get a first hotspot analysis of your most important suppliers
  • You decide which vendors you invite.
  • ClimateCamp helps you integrate your suppliers and products or your bills-of-material from your ERP system, so you don't have to do it manually.
Discover our integrations


Your suppliers get a first-class experience

  • Your suppliers will receive a personal invitation to connect with ClimateCamp.
  • If they have not yet calculated their emissions,  they will work with ClimateCamp to do the first calculations.
  • ClimateCamp personally assists your largest suppliers with onboarding on the ClimateCamp platform.
Discover our integrations


Obtain their carbon footprint and their reduction goals.

  • Your suppliers share their carbon emissions with you.
  • You receive the first results from your suppliers.
Discover our integrations


With ClimateCamp, another step closer to a fully sustainable supply chain.

ClimateCamp works with accurate data

Working with accurate data

ClimateCamp provides estimated insights on carbon emissions. Suppliers can refine these estimates by linking their carbon accounting platform or uploading primary data.

ClimateCamp is integrated with your favourite Carbon Accounting apps

Integrated with your tools

By integrating ClimateCamp with Carbon accounting platforms, customers and their suppliers can easily exchange real-time data on their carbon emissions.

Collaboration first

Collaboration first

Work securely, transparently and efficiently with your suppliers. Suppliers consent to the data they want to share

Ease of use

Easy to use

ClimateCamp guarantees quick and smooth adoption through the user-friendly web application by guiding users step by step on their carbon footprint.

ClimateCamp will help you to become compliant with CSRD and SBTI

Become compliant

The ClimateCamp solution helps your organization comply with initiatives and regulations such as CSRD, SBTi, CDP, ...

ClimateCamp in the press

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"ClimateCamp aims to make breweries carbon neutral"

Datanews Magazine

"Starter of the week: ClimateCamp calculates your total carbon footprint"

GVA Gazet Van Antwerpen

"ClimateCamp provides a software platform where sustainability managers can work with suppliers to precisely calculate their carbon emissions."

Voka Vlaams network van ondernemingen

"ClimateCamp helps food industry ecosystem become climate neutral. " ClimateCamp partners

ClimateCamp partners

Microsoft is partner of ClimateCamp

"Microsoft supports ClimateCamp through Microsoft for Startups and the Microsoft Entrepreneurship for Positive Impact program. ClimateCamp's approach and platform allow for an efficient and collaborative way to gain insights into CO2 emissions from companies in the food industry."

Circologic is partner of ClimateCamp
Forest Fwd is partner of ClimateCamp
Delaware is partner of ClimateCamp
CO2 Logic South Pole is partner of ClimateCamp
Claire CO2 is partner of ClimateCamp
Microsoft is partner of ClimateCamp
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