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Meet our team

Our philosophy is simple — hire a team of diverse, passionate people and foster a culture that empowers you to do your best work.
Stijn Gysemans
Co-Founder & CEO
Former Senior Manager at Accenture
Laurent Moyersoen
Co-Founder & CCO
Former Product Manager for NxtPort
Ruben Pelckmans
Co-Founder & CPO
Former Customer Success Manager for Rydoo
Vitalie Schiopu
Co-Founder & CTO
Lead engineering teams at Fortune 500
Naama Kaplan
Associate Software Engineer
Stefan Amuraritei
Associate Software Engineer
Mohammad Saddam
Senior Software Engineer
Jennifer Dieltiens
Marketing Intern
Clémentine Verhoeye
Product Management Intern
Alvaro Gallego Casanova
Customer Success Manager Intern
Manel Zengouri
Software Engineering Intern
Meet our investors.

Our investors

ClimateCamp has recently raised funds to expand its platform with support from investors such as Ventures by Delaware, LeanSquare and Airborn
Ben Piquard
CEO of LeanSquare
"ClimateCamp unique business model accelerates its growth via its network effect of suppliers"
Thierry Bruyneel – Partner at Ventures by Delaware
Thierry Bruyneel
Partner at Ventures by Delaware
"Thanks to ClimateCamp, we can offer Delaware customers a complete solution to calculate their carbon footprint, connected with ERP systems such as SAP or Microsoft"
Manu Vollens
Founder & CEO Airborn VC
"ClimateCamp invests in real data exchange for companies"