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Assess indirect GHG emissions in your company's value chain, including upstream and downstream activities. Scope 3 helps reduce the carbon footprint by addressing emissions beyond direct control and promoting sustainable practices throughout the value chain.
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Science Based Targets initiative, which is a collaboration between organizations that encourages and helps companies to set science-based targets to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. The initiative provides a framework and resources for companies to develop targets that are aligned with the goals of the Paris Agreement and are grounded in scientific evidence.

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Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure, which is the communication of a company's social and environmental impact to stakeholders. It includes information about the company's policies, practices, and performance related to sustainability, social responsibility, and ethical behavior.

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GHG Protocol
The GHG Protocol is important because it provides a consistent framework for measuring and managing greenhouse gas emissions. It's widely used by businesses and governments to reduce emissions, improve environmental performance, and enhance their reputation with stakeholders.

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reduce emissions.