The Sustainability Platform to easily collaborate with your suppliers on

Real GHG emissions

Set credible Science-Based-Targets (SBTI), track progress on your reduction efforts in your supply chain, and ensure compliance with increasingly strict regulations (CSRD and SFDR)

Calculate your own CO2 emissions

Organize your carbon program for your enterprise and value-chain, and not the other way around.

  • Quickly calculate the footprint of your own business
  • Calculate the footprint for your products
Screenshot of the ClimateCamp app. Here you can organize your emissions in emission groups

Collect data from suppliers

Understand and track supply chain emissions in real time.

Tackle your biggest sources of emissions, with real data
  • Invite your suppliers to the platform
  • They can easily share their emissions, the real data
  • You track their progress

Set Goals, Achieve them together

Follow through with confidence on your own, and vendor-set goals.

  • Manage your own reduction targets
  • Integrate the objectives of your suppliers and their commitments to SBTI

Share & Report

Comply with internal and external (Science-based Targets, Ecoscore, ...)

  • Share ecoscore with your retail partners (Colruyt, Delhaize, ...)
  • Submit your SBTI objectives
  • Prepare for CSRD and other EU regulations

experience for your suppliers

Your supplier confirms the invitation via an email

We ensure a fast sign-up based on their company email address.

Your supplier can easily share their existing CO2 emissions data

They can connect to their own Carbon Accounting app or upload their emissions with Excel. ClimateCamp helps the supplier to do their initial calculations if they did not do them yet.

Your supplier agrees to share relevant data with you

The data will be automatically shared via ClimateCamp’s platform

Carbon Footprint Data shared!

Powered by ClimateCamp's Open Carbon Infrastructure

ClimateCamp is building connectors for you and your suppliers Carbon Accounting apps

All data is securely transfered via ClimateCamp's carbon infrastructure, based on open data standards