Belgian ClimateTech start-up ClimateCamp raises 700k€ to reduce suppliers’ ecological footprint in the food & beverages industry

Brussels - 23-Nov-2022

The Belgian-based SaaS start-up ClimateCamp offers a platform that allows users to collaborate with their suppliers on an easy-to-use connected platform that provides accurate insights into the carbon emissions across the supply chain. An innovative solution designed to reduce scope 3 emissions in compliance with the SBTI and the CSRD. To accelerate its product innovation and international expansion, ClimateCamp has raised € 700K in a pre-Seed funding round backed by Delaware, LeanSquare, Airborn & DDM.

Picture of co-founders Laurent Moyersoen, Stijn Gysemans, Vitalie Schiopu and Ruben Pelckmans

Co-founders Laurent Moyersoen, Stijn Gysemans, Vitalie Schiopu and Ruben Pelckmans

No more benchmarks, but real scope 3 data

Unlike the reliance on benchmarks, industry averages or one-time efforts with manual surveys to suppliers and consulting engagements, ClimateCamp allows its customers to work with actual data and insights into carbon reduction efforts of suppliers. The platform involves every participant of the value chain, collects real and primary data from the source, improving the quality of the emissions calculation, providing insights in targets set by suppliers and offers scalable and repeatable approach for organizations to get to results in near-real time and automate the regulatory reporting. An innovative solution particularly relevant to the food & beverages Industry.

Collaboration in your value chain to boost credible science-based targets and redutions

Food & beverages companies must indeed manage the greenhouse gas emissions in their supply chain – the so-called Scope 3 emissions.  This has been extremely difficult up until today. ClimateCamp aims to address today’s increasingly strict regulations on scope 3 reporting (CSRD, EU Taxonomy, SFDR, IFRS...) by boosting collaboration among all stakeholders of the food and beverage community, so companies can set credible science-based targets and track progress on their reduction efforts.    

For the European Food & Beverages industry

ClimateCamp launched six months ago the private preview of its platform with a campaign for breweries.  Today more than 15% of the Belgium brewery market is using ClimateCamp to reduce their supply chain emissions. ClimateCamp is ready to broaden to the wider European food & beverages industry, an industry that’s accountable for 37% of global carbon emissions. Therefore, the funds recently raised will be used to further roll out the sustainability platform across the whole food & beverages industry. With support from Ventures by Delaware, LeanSquare, Airborn & DDM there is a solid board team to steer the company on its mission.

Thierry Bruyneel – Partner at Ventures by Delaware

Thanks to ClimateCamp, we can offer Delaware customers a complete solution to calculate their carbon footprint, connected with ERP systems such as SAP or Microsoft", says Thierry Bruyneel” – Partner at Ventures by Delaware.

Ben Piquard - CEO of LeanSquare

“LeanSquare is part of the Noshaq group, an an investment fund and project developer with a portfolio of 474 companies. As a start-up transition Investor, LeanSquare is happy to join ClimateCamp shareholders team to help industrial companies, and particularly food & beverages, to get a grip on their carbon footprint. ClimateCamp unique business model accelerates its growth via its network effect of suppliers” – Ben Piquard – CEO of LeanSquare.

We have been calculating our carbon footprint, scope 1, 2, and 3, since 2012 based on the Bilan Carbone method. Our Footprint for 2020 has been verified by CO2 Logic, and ClimateCamp seems to be the logical next step to help us improve the accuracy of increase our scope 3 carbon footprint with emissions data directly from our suppliers." – Jan Adriaensens – Director of ProductionBrouwerij der Trappisten van Westmalle

About ClimateCamp
ClimateCamp is founded in late 2021 by Stijn Gysemans, Laurent Moyersoen, Vitalie Schiopu and Ruben Pelckmans.  With a team of 10 Climate Action Representatives active in Belgium and Luxembourg.  ClimateCamp helps companies to engage with hundreds of their suppliers on their carbon emissions.  ClimateCamp is part of the Microsoft For Start-ups program and is a graduate at the Start it @ KBC accelerator

About LeanSquare LeanSquare (Noshaq Group) is an investment fund based in Liege, which invests in digital and new economy investors. Established in 2014, in recent years, LeanSquare has invested over 26 M€ (allocated) and currently finances 43 companies. It boasts a portfolio of national and international companies. In addition to its goal of providing support and finance, the fund specialises in four business sectors: Entertainment Tech, Enterprise Software and