ClimateCamp Onboarding

At Climate Camp, we prioritize exceptional customer experience and offer a seamless onboarding process. Our five-phase methodology includes Analysis, Build, Go Live, Hyper Care, and Health Care, aiming to collect and calculate CO2 footprint information.

ClimateCamp x Your Company

After a 1 hour introduction

1 Analysis

Defininig your Organization Boundary - determining which aspects to include in GHG inventory.

Identifying emission sources - consider operations emitting greenhouse gases, including fuel burning and energy usage related to company activities.

Gathering Data -  you can export from accounting platform or ERP


A Customer Success Manager configures your ClimateCamp account, uploading activity and purchase data for scope 1, 2, and initial scope 3 estimates.

ClimateCamp contacts suppliers to share CO2 emissions data and reduction targets.

A training course covers reporting, maintenance, and collaboration.

Your organization joins the training session.

2 Build

3 Go Live

During the testing period, your organization's users can test the application's functionalities and work closely with the Customer Success Manager to ensure questions are answered.

A co-creation session will take place in which feedback and suggestions for changes to the platform can be provided.

During this phase, your organization is responsible for:      
Testing the application  · Participating in the co-creation session  · Delivering feedback

For three months, you have access to a dedicated Customer Success Manager.

The Customer Success Manager ensures that your organization gets the most value from using the ClimateCamp application.

4 Hyper Care

5 Health Care

After these three months, the success model switches to periodic health checks.

The aim is to ensure that your organization makes optimal use of all the possibilities of ClimateCamp.

This is in addition to the chat support where a dedicated team will support you in using the ClimateCamp application (on request).

Newsletter updates regarding new ClimateCamp features will also be provided.

reduce emissions.